Thursday, September 23, 2010

Late assignment 1

This is my image from week one that has been very late due to computer complications. Yet, at the same time, this unfortunate piece of information does not take away from the fact that I really do enjoy this photo. I used the foreground image as a focus point; perhaps, representing a guide to welcome new students to pima. In the background is the the main building of pima, standing ominously in the background, which probably the same way new students feel. What I don't like is the tree creeping up above the guide, giving the sign an "afro-like" look. Despite this, I still enjoy the image.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Assignment 2: Lines

Assignment Assessment
The line I selected to photograph was a combination of leading line and vertical line--basically a vertical line that lead to an object. I feel that this was a good choice, yet I do wish that these leading lines direction the viewer's attention to a more dramatic subject.
Of course, this assignment taught me the purpose and necessity of lines. However, what was far more valuable that I learned from this lesson was not the importance of line, for that's obvious, but the way the search for lines. This concept will be immeasurably helpful.
Photo Assessment
Ironically, the aspect that I enjoy most about this image is the framing in the foreground. I truly feel that this gives the photo depth and a bit of dramatic flair. Still, I do enjoy the lines because I do feel that it automatically directs my eyes straight to the bicycle, which is the purpose of the lines.
Next time, I wish I could remove some of the distractions from the background and perhaps take off the lock that is barely perceptible on the very top of the rail. I feel that both these serve as distractions that detract from the subject of the photo.

Runners Up for Assignment 2

The open space in this picture as well as the under brush of trees almost counteracted each other in a ying/yang way, which I felt was eye catching. The line of light poles, too, served a purpose, as it lead the the stop light. Yet, I just felt like there was too much going on in this picture to be effective.
What intrigued me about this picture is the balance between the actual plants and the reflection of the very same plants with the vertical lines, of course inserting an almost conflict, acting as a barrier. However, I wasn't sure the lines truly served a purpose in the picture so I didn't feel confident.

I really enjoyed this picture because of the frame of the stairwell almost being a line in itself . However, I wasn't sure the handrail was enough of the line, and I felt the background was too distracting. Thus, it is a runner-up.